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Starting Point

The Worship Place is a community of committed Christians who have covenanted with God and one another to grow into the image of Jesus Christ, and we’re excited that you are considering The Worship Place as the church you want to call home.  Our Membership Class is the place to go to hear about what we believe God is doing in and through The Worship Place, and it also provides us an opportunity to get to know you and your story.

The class consists of three sessions, and is comprised of a time to learn about the story of The Worship Place and share your own salvation story.  Being a member of a church is not like being a member of a club or social group.  It’s a covenant relationship.  A commitment FROM you and a commitment TO you.

Each session is one and half hours long, and meets once a week over three consecutive weeks.  In the first session, we’ll cover The Worship Place history, core values, and what’s currently happening.  In the second session, you’ll learn more about The Worship Place culture and have the opportunity to briefly share your story.  In the third session, you’ll learn more about the importance of church membership and take the next steps toward active involvement.

Finally, at our next Celebration Service, we’ll affirm our covenant to God and one another and celebrate our new members.

To see when the next Starting Point Membership Class is available, please check the Events Page.


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