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Care Ministries

Two of our Values are Sacrificial Service and Compassionate Outreach. Our Care Ministries provide opportunities for us to share the love of Jesus and live out these Values in our community. Whether you are a current member - or brand new - we hope that you live out these Values by getting involved with one of our Care Ministries.

Alzheimer's Caregiver Group

This group meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. 

7:00 to 9:00 pm
Location: Sun City Campus (811 Sun City Blvd)
Phone Number: 512-869-1310

Cheryl White, ret. R.N.
Dr Aida Sapp
Sharon Curry, ret. R.N.

Note: we have free books, literature and time to share current care-giving issues. You are welcome to join us.

Faith at Work

"Christians Helping Others in the Name of Christ"

Do you need help around the house? Are you not sure about climbing that ladder? Help is only a phone call away! 

We help with:

- Changing light bulbs
- Changing smoke detector batteries
- Adding salt pellets to a water softener
- Changing AC filters
- Small tasks around the house

Do you need help with routine home maintenance?

Contact a volunteer near you. If you don't get an answer, please try another number on the list

Grief Share

Grief Share is a network of 12,000+ churches worldwide equipped to offer grief support groups. The program is nondenominational and features biblical concepts for healing from grief. Learn more about Grief Share at www.griefshare.org.

Get More information about Grief Share at the Worship Place here.

Neighborhood Ministries

Neighborhood Ministries has two main purposes.  The first is simply connecting the 100+ church ministries to the needs of those in our congregation. The second part is welcoming new residents who are new to the community. Get more information here.

Prayer Warriors

To be a part of this team means that you are willing to stand in the gap for people and lift their needs up to God through prayer. This group is dedicated to praying every day for those in need and meets together twice a month. Please consider being a part of this ministry.  

If you'd like to be involved, please contact the church office.

Soup Ministry

Are you home from day surgery or down with an illness? Need some help with dinner? We've got soup and bread and we deliver!

Please contact Pat and Tony Locke, (512)819-9524, if you or someone you know would benefit from this ministry or if you'd like to help.  

Special Friends

This weekly program is faith-based and is a ministry which is complimentary to all participants. Get more information here.

Stephen Ministry

A Stephen Minister is:

A child of God who walks beside a hurting person

A caring Christian who really listens

A member of our congregation who has received 50 hours of training in how to to provide distinctively Christian care

A person who is ready to focus on your needs

A trustworthy confident who will keep everything you say - and even your identity - confidential

Someone who will faithfully meet with you on a weekly basis for as long as your need persists

For more information about or Stephen Ministry get it here.

Visitation Team

More information come here soon!