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The Worship Place Story

We are a Christ-centered interdenominational church in the senior adult community of Sun City, Texas,
and we are located on 2 campuses.  

We value the good news of Jesus as the reason for and the goal of everything we do!

In the beginning…

In July of 1998, George Moorman ran an ad in the Sun Rays asking if anyone would be interested in forming an interdenominational church. 30 people showed up to that meeting.  On August 2nd, 74 people attended the first service of this new church, which met at the Community Association building. Because many of the charter members were involved closely with the local benevolence agency, “The Caring Place”, the name “The Worship Place” was adopted with the concept that The Caring Place would take care of people’s physical needs and The Worship Place would take care of people’s spiritual needs. On August 6, 1998, the newly formed church filed Articles of Formation as “The Worship Place Interdenominational." 

By September, we had already outgrown the Community Center, and we moved to the Ballroom. In January 1999, the original Constitution and By-laws were drafted and adopted. 

Bill Bolick served as the first Pastor.  By our first anniversary, we formed the first choir as membership had grown to over 100, with attendance averaging between 120 and 140.

If we build it, will they come?

As we quickly began to reach the limitations of the Community Ballroom, we began to look for land to purchase. At that time, it was not the intention of the Del Webb Corporation to sell land for a church within Sun City. Because of the tenacity of George Moorman and others, on November 4th, 1999, we were granted permission to purchase land. Counting on the faithfulness of our charter members, we began to raise money. Two years later, in December 1999, we purchased two tracts, totaling approximately eight acres for $500,000 cash.

Stepping out in faith

In January 2002, 243 members stepped out in faith and voted to personally guarantee a loan of $2.7 million for a permanent church building. Ground-breaking for the new sanctuary took place in April 2002. Stained glass windows were donated by the membership as well as an Allen Renaissance Pipe Organ and a Steinway Boston Grand Piano.


On March 9, 2003, we dedicated and held the first service in the new church sanctuary located at 811 Sun City Blvd. Ours was the first church building to be located within a Sun City community. Again, by the faithfulness of our church family, the loan was paid off in only four years and eight months. By the time the loan was paid, the membership had grown to over 600.

History repeats itself

With virtually no office space and no meeting rooms, in 2009, our members approved to spend up to $2.9 million on a new fellowship hall, kitchen, classrooms, welcome center and administration office suite. As the plans were finalized, history repeated itself as the actual cost to build was $2.7 million. And again, the loan was paid off in four years.

Growing pains

By 2012, we realized that we were again reaching capacity, but there was no option to expand our facilities on our current land. We began to seek the Lord as to our next step. During that time, we tried different options to make room for those new people who were coming. In 2015, through a friend, one of our pastors heard about a church that was experiencing difficulty. They had built a new facility and were looking to sell. In April 2016, we bought the facility along with 20 acres of accompanying land located just outside Sun City, made repairs and improvements at a cost of $1.7 million. Securing the loan, the property appraised value was once again $2.7 million, the number that seems to define our growth.

The area around our second campus is known as “Rocky Hollow," due to the nearly solid rock base and many underground caves, and so we have dubbed this campus the Rocky Hollow campus.   

What do we mean by “interdenominational”?

The terms nondenominational and interdenominational are closely linked and are often used interchangeably. The subtle difference is that a nondenominational church declines affiliation with any particular Christian denomination while an interdenominational church, while still independent, celebrates the strengths and traditions of many denominations.

We are an autonomous church body and we do not ascribe to any denominational structure for leadership or accountability. Our goal by being interdenominational is to break down denominational walls in an effort to unite people in Christ.