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  • Mailing Address: 811 Sun City Blvd Georgetown TX 78633


Support Staff

Profile image of Janie Peak

Janie Peak

Business Administrator

Office: 512-869-1310, ext. 1004

Profile image of Karen Quillen

Karen Quillen

Programs and Events Director

Office: 512-869-1310, 1012

Profile image of Shanna Goodnight

Shanna Goodnight

Administrative Assistant

Office: 512-869-1310 ext. 1006

Facebook: shannagoodnight

Profile image of Nancy Snyder

Nancy Snyder

Sun City Campus Receptionist

Office: 512-869-1310 ext. 1000

Profile image of Ross Brown

Ross Brown

Media Coordinator

Office: 512-869-1310 ext. 1003

Profile image of Frank San Miguel

Frank San Miguel

Facilities Manager

Profile image of Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

Communications Coordinator

Office: 512-869-1310, ext. 1008

Profile image of Mindy Howell

Mindy Howell

Financial Assistant

Office: 512-869-1310 ext. 1010

Profile image of Dorrien Claybon

Dorrien Claybon

Facilities Assistant

Profile image of Christy  Newberry

Christy Newberry

Music Associate

Profile image of Lyn Lee

Lyn Lee

Pianist/Accompanist, Sun City Campus

Profile image of Debra Sirois

Debra Sirois

Organist/Accompanist, Sun City Campus

Profile image of Alan Parks

Alan Parks

Pianist, Rocky Hollow Campus