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  • Mailing Address: 811 Sun City Blvd Georgetown TX 78633


Support Staff

Profile image of Janie Peak

Janie Peak

Business Administrator

Office: 512-869-1310, ext. 1004

Profile image of Karen Quillen

Karen Quillen

Programs and Events Coordinator

Office: 512-869-1310, 1012

Profile image of Shanna Goodnight

Shanna Goodnight

Administrative Assistant

Office: 512-869-1310 ext. 1006

Facebook: shannagoodnight

Profile image of Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

Communications Coordinator

Office: 512-869-1310, ext. 1008

Profile image of Nancy Snyder

Nancy Snyder

Sun City Campus Receptionist

Profile image of Ross Brown

Ross Brown

Media Coordinator

Office: 512-869-1310 ext. 1003

Profile image of Kay Merritt

Kay Merritt

Finance Assistant

Profile image of John Soto

John Soto

Senior Facilities Manager

Profile image of Frank San Miguel

Frank San Miguel

Facilities Manager

Profile image of Christy  Newberry

Christy Newberry

Music Associate

Profile image of Lyn Lee

Lyn Lee

Pianist/Accompanist, Rocky Hollow Campus

Profile image of Debra Sirois

Debra Sirois

Organist/Accompanist, Sun City Campus